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About Hausken

Hausken has specialized in sound- and recoil-suppression since 1992. Since then, we have amassed unique experience within sound suppression technology, inspired by hunters’ demands. Our current products are the results of 20 years of work, development and passion. Hausken’s robust and efficient baffle design has inspired an entire industry. Our suppressors are manufactured in Norway with high demands to endurance, precision, stability and effect.

Why Hausken?
Hausken delivers Norwegian-produced sound suppressors of the highest quality, for when you want to enjoy the calm of the forests and mountain ranges. We provide you with world class sound suppression.

Hauskens’s suppressors have time and again received top marks in various independent tests where the combination of length, weight and effect have been the criterias. Our new Jakt-series is a test winner, giving you the best suppression per cm. and per gram. Our hunt for the optimal sound suppressor have led to the development of Hausken’s XTRM-system, a system able to be factory mounted or mounted by gunsmith or hunters themselves. The XTRM-system can provide an increased effect of up to 7db, and is one step further towards silence.

Hausken’s sound suppressors are wrought in high quality aluminium, and hard-anodising creates a durable surface.

Flexible system
Hausken has developed a system where our standard Jakt-model can be tailor made. For magnum calibers we offer a more powerful magnum pipe in the same make as the outer pipe of the Jakt-series models. For thick barrel contours we offer Heavy Barrel parts accepting up to 23mm of pipe. This results in a small weight increase, which is why this is not a standard offering. The Jakt-series already covers most nedds, so why carry more weight than necessary? These sound suppressors are available in all the colours of the forest – and then some. Blue, orange, yellow, pink, rust free and green.

You can get a Hausken suppressor in all calibers, from .17 up to .50, with 14 different centerhole diameters. It is our opinion that delivering a quality product demands that the suppressor is built according to caliber.

The grooves part is produced in acid-proof steel in most dimensions, both metric and UNF/UNEF.