Maintenance - Hausken Lyddemper


The sound suppressor should not be stored on the weapon due to the formation of corrosive substances that can harm both suppressor and weapon.

Store in a dry place and allow free flow of air through the suppressor when not in use. Hausken Sound Suppressors can be dismantled for cleaning and inspection. The parts should be washed with warm water and mild detergent. Allow to dry. Make sure both o-rings are intact and properly positioned front and rear. Lubricate the threads on the outer casing before assembly (Molykote 111 Compound or equivalent).

Maintenance will extend the life of the suppressor and ensure optimal effect. Although aluminium is a robust material, excessive use in long bouts is not advisable. Allow suppressor to cool down between series (10-15 shots with normal caliber). Insulating covers are not advisable with prolonged shooting due to heat retention.

Hausken Sound Suppressors should be fitted by a qualified gunsmith. It is crucial that the suppressors center line is concentric with the barrels axis. This product is intended for civilian use with stated caliber and thread dimension. Improper use or modification may result in personal injury and damage to equipment.

Make sure the product is undamaged and properly assembled before use. Do not let the suppressor come into contact with flammable liquid / material.