Maintenance - Hausken Schalldämpfer


Hausken Sound Suppressors must not be stored on the weapon, due to the formation of corro-sive substances that can dam-age the suppressor and the weapon. This is especially im-portant if the weapon is ex-posed to humid conditions.

When not in use, the sound suppressor should be stored in a dry place with free air cir-culation. The suppressors can be dismantled for cleaning and inspection. The constituent parts are washed with warm wa-ter and a mild detergent. Let dry. Make sure both O-rings are intact and correctly placed in front and back. Lu-bricate (with Molykote 111 Compound or similar) the threads in the pipe before as-sembling, to avoid dragging the O-ring out of place.

Maintenance will prolong the suppressor’s life and ensure it performs optimally. Alumin-ium is a robust material, but excessive use over long series is not recommended. Let the suppressor cool down between series (10-15 shots with a normal caliber).

Because of heat generation, jsolating covers are not rec-ommended when performing long series, but they are fine dur-ing hunting and standard prac-tice. It is crucial that the centerline of the suppressor is concentric with the bar-rel’s axis.

Wrong use, or modifications, can result in personal injury and damaged equipment. Make sure that the product is free from damage and correctly fit-ted before use. Do not let the sound suppressor come in con-tact with flammable flu-ids/materials.

This product is meant for ci-vilian use with the listed calibers and threads.

Tools for the JAKT-series ex-ists for 50 and 60mm diameter suppressors.