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About Hausken

Hausken has specialized in sound and recoil suppression since 1992. Since then, we’ve aquired unique experience with sound suppression technology, inspired by demands from hunters. Our current products are the result of more than 25 years of work, development and passion. Hausken’s robust and effective baffle-concept has been through continual development through the years, and today we are proud to offer the leading design solution. Our suppressors are manufactured in Norway under strict demands to durability, precision, stability and effect.

Why Hausken?
Hausken delivers Norwegian-produced sound suppressors of capital quality.

Whenever you seek the stillness of the moor, the forest or the mountain, we offer you world class sound suppression.

For years, Hausken has received top marks in independent tests focusing on the combination of length, weight and effect. The JAKT-series grants you optimal effect per centimeter and per gram. The hunt for the perfect sound suppressor has led to the development of the Hausken XTRM-system, which can be factory mounted or retrofitted by a gunsmith or the hunter himself. The XTRM-system can give an extra 7dB effect. XTRM is another step closer to silence.

Hausken’s sound suppressors are crafted from high-quality aluminium, and the process of hard-anodization provides a highly durable surface.

Flexible system
Hausken has developed a system wherein our standard JAKT-model can be customized. We offer back chambers in a vari-ety of lengths and with many inner diameters. Even so, the standard JAKT-series covers most needs.

Our sound suppressors even come in multiple colours. Blue, orange, yellow, pink, rust free, green; all the col-ors of the forest — and then some.

We deliver suppressors in eve-ry caliber, from .17 up to and including .50. They come in 14 different center hole diame-ters. Our belief is that mak-ing a quality product demands that the suppressors are built according to caliber.

The threading is made of acid-proof steel in most dimen-sions, both metric and UNF/UNEF.